What I do every day…

I’m a graphic designer/artist with close to 30 years of experience in web design and development, copy writing, logos, corporate identity, brochures and postcards, signage, trade show booth displays, package and product design and both computer and hand-drawn illustration. I’m also a certified botanical illustrator.

My world view on other days: from between the ears of a horse.

I am detail-oriented while still able to keep the “big picture” in mind. I care about my clients, I care about their business and giving them the highest quality designs possible. I’m patient. I will explain things to people who have questions about the design process, websites, printing, the internet, search engines—how things work. And I’ve had two of my own businesses, one of which was online sales for a product I invented, so I have personal experience with what it takes to be noticed.

I want to make the design process easy for you. I want to make you look good!

What I do when when I’m not glued to my computer…

I’m either out in nature, or trying to see the rest of the world. Sometimes I combine the two.